Protecting Personal Data with you

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We live in a technological era where personal data of each of us are collected, used and processed in various ways by hundreds of organizations.
  • Name:Nino Ninoshvili
  • Date of birth:28 January, 2013
  • Birth Weight:4 kg
  • Body length:51 cm
Personal data belong to a person. Name, surname, date of birth, weight, height – with first data a child aquires the right to their protection immediately at birth.
Nino is at home already, while her data are already on the internet. It is important to know that all photos or videos of a child taken, posted or shared on social media by other persons - are a child’s personal information.
Nino is growing up and so does the volume of her personal data and the importance of their protection. School has a collection of data on her grades, behavior, health, interests and their processing requires compliance with relevant rules.
Nino herself gives out her own personal data. Each website, application, online service or social network, often at her own consent, uses her personal information for various purposes.
Nino starts a job, while the employer starts to process her data. Nino’s CV, salary, information about her education or qualification are her personal information and they should be processed lawfully.
Nino’s phone number is also her personal data. She often receives advertising text messages on this number. This is direct marketing, an activity regulated by law.
Video surveillance is another legally approved means of data processing that is needed for security purposes. However, Nino knows that following the rules – for instance, existence of a warning sign – is necessary in such cases too.
Protection of personal data acquires a particular importance when it comes to finances. Information about Nino’s loan, transactions or other financial operations is her personal data.
Nino’s data might be processed for legitimate purpose and on a legitimate basis by law-enforcement bodies too.
For instance, they might record and place data about traffic rule violations, fines or her car in a database.
It goes without saying that one’s personal life and related steps are personal data. Information about Nino’s marital status is recorded in relevant documents and databases.
Nino is temporarily leaving the country but her data are continued to be processed within the country, as well as outside its borders, on a land and in the air. It is a daily and constant process and the more we know about our personal data and our rights, the better we can protect our interests.
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