The Representatives of the Personal Data Protection Service of Georgia Provided Training to Employees of the National Statistics Office of Georgia

2022-11-25 16:35:00
Ketevan Kratsashvili, the Head of the Public Sector Oversight Department, and Salome Kurasbediani, a representative of the same department, conducted a training session for the 30 employees of the National Statistics Office of Georgia.

The training covered the main topics of personal data protection, including the bases of data processing, data minimization, limitation of the purpose and storage, as well as, other principles of data processing. Considering that GEOSTAT is one of the large data processing institutions, special attention was paid to the security measures of the personal data kept in the institution and the rights of the relevant individuals.

GEOSTAT expressed its readiness for future cooperation with the Service in the consulting format. The training was conducted in an interactive mode.