A meeting was held with the employees of the public institution to discuss the changes outlined by the new law concerning human resources management issues

2023-11-17 11:03:21
The series of meetings about the changes provided by the new law of Georgia "On Personal Data Protection" continues.

A meeting was held with the employees of the public institution on human resource management issues.

During the meeting, attention was focused on the challenges in labour relations and various problematic cases identified by the Service in this regard. Also, the importance of personal data protection in employment relationships and the main circumstances that employers should take into account were emphasized. The attending public was informed about the use of the advisory function of the Service within the framework of the measures to be carried out before the implementation of the new law.

The Head of the Public Sector Oversight Department, Ketevan Kratashvili, spoke about certain aspects of personal data protection within the framework of labor relations. This included the selection process of employees, monitoring of employee behavior, video surveillance and audio monitoring in the workplace, use of biometric data, and obtaining extracts of corporate telephone numbers. She also covered the changes brought about by the new law of Georgia "On Personal Data Protection", including terms, principles related to labor relations, and updated data processing principles and rights of employees as data subjects.

Shavleg Todua, Acting Head of the Legal Department, spoke about data protection impact assessment, the role of the personal data protection officer, changes in fines, audio and video monitoring, priority of data coverage, data recording, and notification to the Service.

Ia Kifiani, Head of the Law Enforcement Sector Oversight Department, presented detailed information about incidents and the obligation to report them to the Service.

The meeting was held in interactive mode. The Personal Data Protection Service of Georgia will actively continue conducting sectoral meetings in the future.